Day Course

Published on: 28/05/2020

Route Map

Registration TimeStart TimeFinish Point Closing Time
19 October 2024
(09:00 - 09:45)
19 October 2024
19 October 2024
Event Date:19-20 October 2024 (Sat-Sun)
Explorer - Day Course (30km)
SectionsCheckpointsGrid ReferenceDistance (km)
Heigh Gain (m)Height Loss (m)Check Point Closing Time
Start Point - SP
Tai Tam Reservoir Road
KK 117 641N/A
Start Point (Tai Tam Reservoir Road)
Checkpoint 1 (Hong Kong Parkview)
CP 1
Hong Kong Parkview
KK 112 6406.8380320(Sat)
Checkpoint 1 (Hong Kong Parkview)
Sub-Checkpoint 1 (Devil’s Peak)
Devil's Peak
KK 157 6779390530N/A
Sub-Checkpoint 1 (Devil’s Peak)
Checkpoint 2 (Yau Tong O King Road)
CP 2
Yau Tong O King Road
KK 161 6881.54020(Sat)
Checkpoint 2 (Yau Tong O King Road)
Checkpoint 3 (Tseng Lan Shue)
CP 3
Tseng Lan Shue
KK 155 7244.8260160(Sat)
Checkpoint 3 (Tseng Lan Shue)
Checkpoint 4 (Shatin Pass)
Day Course Finish Point - CP 4
Shatin Pass
KK 116 7487.6470360(Sat)

Map Notes & GPS Data with Altitude

To download GPX guidelines, please click here.

Remark : To save the file as GPX format (.gpx), please right click on the link and choose “Save File As” or “Download Linked File As” depending on your browser.

SectionsMap Notes (PDF)GPS Data (GPX)
Whole Route (Day Course)SP - CP4/GPS Data (GPX)
Section 1SP - CP1Map Notes (PDF)GPS Data (GPX)
Section 2 (1)CP1 - Quarry Bay MTR StationMap Notes (PDF)GPS Data (GPX)
Section 2 (2)Yau Tong MTR Station - CP2Map Notes (PDF)GPS Data (GPX)
Section 3CP2 - CP3Map Notes (PDF)GPS Data (GPX)
Section 4CP3 - CP4Map Notes (PDF)GPS Data (GPX)

Checkpoints – How to get there

Please refer to Q&A page.

Checkpoints – Food and Drinks

CheckpointsBread and Fruit, etc.Sports DrinksWaterHot Food or Drinks

Please refer to the F&B Table for details.

NO food or water will be provided at SCP1 and SCP2.

For environmental purpose, NO containers and cutlery will be provided by the Organizer. Participants MUST bring their own.

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