2018 Results

Last Updated: 27/05/2020

Challenger – Whole Course

Challenger -Whole Course Relay

Explorer – Day Course

Explorer – Day Course Relay

Adventure – Night Course


1. The rankings in the official results include all Finishers in full team (Partial quit teams are not officially ranked).

2. The individual rankings are for reference only and include all Finishers in both full team and partial quit team.

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4. The Event Route of RCWT 2018 is different from that of other RCWTs due to rerouting. Below are the best results of different categories this year:

CategoryTotal Time
Team NameTeam Members
Challenger - Whole Course ~ 80km
Elite10:03 hrsHappy RunnerKa Hei Lam, Macro
Ng Anson
Men12:01 hrsTim & WarrenKin CHung To
Wing Chak Yick
Women14:29 hrsUFO BeautiesBik Sai Ida Lee
Wing Yan Nicole Leung (梁穎恩)
Nicole Lau
Mixed11:21 hrs跑山獸三人行Hung Ho Fung
Wai Hei Ng
Wai Yin Chiu, Winnie
Corporate22:57 hrs佛山領䝨装飾工藝廠Zhixing Chen
Paul Man
Wong Yim
Yiu Man Yau
Corporate - Rlay10:57 hrs{TEAM A} ManuRally 2018Fan Tai Barry Hung
Wai Lim Wong
Bobby Lee
Jeremy Wang
Timothy Wan (温子鵬)
Ming Him Woo (胡明謙)
Willy Cheng
Antoine Thomas
Jonathan Pequegnat
Tsz Hin Boris Lau
Soeren Seitz
Francesco Lagutaine
David Lok
Amos Cheung
Billy Lung (比利龍)
Explorer - Day Course ~30km
Men3:49 hrsEFCC KONG FOK CHURCH x CTRunChoi Pui Nang
Kar Ho Liu
Jeffrey Chi
Women4:14 hrsColumbia山川Lam Lai Po
Woon Ping Leung (梁煥平)
Mixed3:30 hrsRun to eatEszter Csillag
Kei Fung Kevin Cheung
Corporate9:23 hrsLinde HKO Team BChun Yu Szeto
Chung Wai David Chan
Lok Wah Cheung
Man Foon Lee
Corporate - Relay4:52 hrs奔向驕陽長跑隊Leung Hoi Tat
Liu Chi Hung
Thapa Magar Ramu
Rai Mausam
Arjun Kumar Thakali
Adventurer - Night Course ~50km
Men6:51 hrsDream Chasing ActionHo Chak Lam, Aster
Siu Kwan Kwong (鄺紹焜)
Women7:36 hrsPika PikaJulia Fung
Chiu Man Cheung, Janice
Mixed6:34 hrsThe North Face HKHong Kiu Kimmy Leung
Ho Chung Wong