Route Introduction

Last Updated: 25/06/2024

Raleigh Challenge – Wilson Trail

  1. The Event route covers most parts of the Wilson Trail and comprises 9 sections at a total distance of around 80 km. There are Checkpoints (CP) at the end of each section for recording the arrival time of each team, and providing refreshment. There are also Sub-Checkpoints (SCP) at selected locations for time recording and avoiding participants losing their way. Please be reminded that food and water are not available at SCP. (Note: Part of the Event route are not the same as that of the original Wilson Trail.)
  2. Distance posts are located along the Wilson Trail approximately each 500 metres. There is a number (such as W004, W represents Wilson Trail) and a Grid Reference printed on every distance post. Participants should pay attention to the number on these posts during practice and competition. In case of emergency, the number and Grid Reference may help the Organizer to locate your position efficiently.

Event Route Map

Event Route Altitude Map