2017 Results

Last Updated: 26/05/2020

Prohiker – Round Trip Course

Challenger – Whole Course

Challenger – Whole Course Relay

Explorer – Day Course

Explorer – Day Course Relay


1. The rankings in the official results include all Finishers in full team (Partial quit teams are not officially ranked).

2. The individual rankings are for reference only and include all Finishers in both full team and partial quit team.

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Organizer Records
CategoryTotal Time
YearTeam NameTeam Members
Prohiker - Round-trip Course ~160 km
Tornado 16032:58 hrs2016i-RunnersHui Ho Tat
Shan Ying (单盈)
Challenger - Whole Course ~80km
Elite12:52 hrs2017※The Hulk Family※肯雅 Leg※
Raymond Lai (黎繼基)

Eric Leung
Men12:30 hrs2017環球縱走Yiptung Hoi (葉東海)
Chung Man Fan, Tiger
Ka Hei Lam, Marco
Women13:10 hrs2017梅菜扣肉Lap Yee Chan

Lai Pui Hui
Mixed12:01 hrs2016Cookie DevilNicole Lau

Leo Chung
Corporate31:41 hrs2016明治有限公司Yun Bun Chan (陳潤彬)
Jady Law (羅樂贀)
Terence Hung (洪偉強)
Janson Chen (陳志行)
Corporate - Relay12:23 hrs2017ManuRally 2017Wai Lim Wong
Lai Lim Andrew Ting
Antoine Thomas
Jonathan Pequegnat
Causson Chu
Ming Him Woo (胡明謙)
Bobby Lee
Zena Fung

Wing Kit Damien Liu
Tse Ka Yiu Yoyo
David Lok
Tsz Hin Boris Lau

Stephen Kwong Yan Ko (高廣恩)

Fan Tai Barry Hung

Willy Cheng

Hui Chun Shing
Explorer - Day Course ~30km
Men3:08 hrs2013
Lam Shing Yip (林成業)
Tsang Chun Kit (曾進傑)
Women4:04 hrs2004P & FCheung Lai Yin (張勵研)
Lam Lai Po (林麗寶)
Mixed3:44 hrs2016雪鷹Leung Ying Suet
Tsang Chun Kit
Corporate5:09 hrs2015CLP – Energy for LifeLee Kin Wai
Andre Blumberg
Chui Chun Kit
Chau Chi Wa (周志華)
Corporate - Relay5:18 hrs2017奔向驕陽長跑隊Leung Hoi Tat
Ngai Sing (魏昇)
Chung Leung Yuen (阮仲良)
Kong Kai Chun (江啟春)
Thapa Magar Ramu
Roshan Gurung
Andrew Swift
Wong Yun Sam (黃潤森)
Liu Chi Hung
Adventurer - Night Course ~50km
Men6:56 hrs2016追峰 PEAK CHASERSLaw Chor Kin
Lam Shing Yip
Women9:25 hrs2016EFCC Kong Fok Church 008
Ng Shuk Wai
Fung Yuen Kwan
Tam Kar Bik
Mixed7:39 hrs2016Dream Chasing ActionHo Chak Lam, Aster
Lau Wing Yan