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  • Fitting design reduces bouncing

  • Lightweight and breathable material

  • High elastic comfortably carries your essentials

Breathable and lightweight running belt bag | Raleigh Wilson Trial Sports E-shop

Extra-light Running T-shirt | Raleigh Wilson Trail Sports E-shop
Breathable Running T-shirt | White, Short-sleeved

2L Waterproof Bag (with Shoulder Strap) | Raleigh Wilson Trail Sports E-shop
2L Waterproof Bag (with Shoulder Strap) |  Black
500mL Soft Flask Sports Water Container | Raleigh Wilson Trail Online Sports Store
500mL Soft Flask Sports Water Container |  Transparent

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Why Set Up an Online Sports Shop?

During our event, many runners had given positive feedback on our race pack. Thanks for all the recognition. Raleigh Hong Kong (RHK) would like to share these products with all trail runners, mountain lovers and sports enthusiasts either or not they are our event participants. After consideration, we decided to open this online sports store so that more people can buy suitable sports gears.

Why Choose Us?

Meet your sports need
Looking for some light and comfortable trail running gear? Or maybe portable hiking equipment? RCWT Sports E-Shop has something for you!

Contribute to local youth development
The net income generated by our e-Shop will be used to support local youth development projects organized by Raleigh Hong Kong.  Buy the mountain gear you need in our e- Shop and help local teenagers in Hong Kong!