Rules & Regulations (backup 2020)

Last Updated: 16/08/2021

All participants must follow the rules, regulations, instructions and arrangements laid down by the Organizer. Any violation could result in disqualification, rejection to participate in or continue the race, or refusal of future applications. All the Organizer’s rights hereunder are expressly reserved including but not limited to the rights to commence legal proceedings against those who breach the rules, regulations, instructions and arrangements.


  1. Participants aged between 12 and 14 on 4 October 2021 are only acceptable for race in Day Course Relay. For other courses, all participants MUST be aged 15 or above on 4 October 2021. The parent or guardian is required to sign on the Declaration of those under 18.
  2. Except for solo participants of Tornado 160 (T160), the other participants must compete in teams. All participants have to fulfill the criteria of their corresponding categories.
  3. Participants must submit application fee, minimum donations, and/or required documents on or before the Application Deadline in order to be eligible to compete in the race.
  4. Participants must complete all registration procedures at corresponding counters by specific time.
  5. Except with the Organizer’s approval, regrouping or changing of members is not allowed once the registration is completed on the Event Days. Violation will lead to disqualification.
  6. Participants must sign Health Declaration and Disclaimerduring registration on Event Days. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse any participant who has fever or other discomforts to continue the race.

Race Information

  1. Apart from traveling between Quarry Bay and Yau Tong by MTR, participants must complete the entire race on foot. Traveling on any form of transportation or subsidiary tool during the Event is not allowed.
  2. All participants must follow the Organizer’s instructions and complete the designated route within the time limit specified by the Organizer in order to be eligible for competing in the race and be ranked.
  3. At the Start Point, Finish Point and throughout the race, teams must register, start and report to checkpoints and Finish Point with the presence of a full team with all members. (Relay Teams please refer to “Additional Regulations for Relay Teams”.)
  4. The completion time of a team will be recorded when the whole team with all members reach the Finish Point. (Relay Teams please refer to “Additional Regulations for Relay Teams”.)
  5. T160 solo participants must register and report to all checkpoints, Turning Point and Finish Point. The completion time will be recorded when they reach Finish Point.
  6. The results of solo or team will be based on the record stored in the timing chip. The Organizer reserves the right of finalizing the results.
  7. All participants must display their number bibs in front for ease to be identified by our staff throughout the race.
  8. Participants must obey the Country Codes. They must not litter or leave unattended fires.
  9. Participants must obey traffic regulations and use crossing facilities properly.
  10. Participants must carry the required equipment throughout the race, and show them to staff for checking upon request. The Organizer has the discretion to request participants without the required equipment to drop out.

Loss of Event Items

  1. For loss of number bib during the race, participant MUST get the re-issued number bib at next checkpoint before continuing. An administration fee of HK$50 will be charged for each newly issued number bib. Such payment will be settled at the Finish Points of the corresponding courses (Day Course – Shatin Pass / Night Course and Whole Course – Sha Tau Kok). No other checkpoints would handle the fee.
  2. For loss of timing chip during the race, participants MUST report to next checkpoint. No timing chip will be re-issued. The team or T160 solo participants may continue the race with the approval of the Organizer, but its result will not be ranked*.
  3. For loss or damage of participant wristband during the race, participant MUST report to next checkpoint. No wristband will be re-issued. The team may continue the race with the approval of the Organizer, but its result will not be ranked*.

Quit in Midway or Failure in Meeting Checkpoint Closing Time

  1. If teams or T160 solo participants cannot arrive at the checkpoint before its specified closing time, they must report to the nearest checkpoint or call the Event Hotline (8101 4622) immediately. They are required to stay at the same checkpoint and wait for arrangements of the Organizer. Once approval is granted, the teams may continue the race without ranking.
  2. For safety reason, teams with member(s) withdrawn from the race for any reasons must report to next checkpoint or call Event Hotline. The withdrawn participant(s) may depart after getting consent from the Organizer. With the Organizer’s approval, the remaining team member(s) may continue the race in a team of two or more participants. Result of the remaining team member(s) will not be ranked*

* Note: The remaining team members who can complete the race within the designed time limit and in compliance with the rules and regulations will obtain the Certificate of Completion and acquire points for The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc race.  Please refer to News Updates for points for different courses.

Event Cancellation

The Organizers reserve the right to cancel / cut short the event or change the race route for the following reasons:

  1. adverse weather
  2. landslides, rockfalls or hill fires along the course
  3. blockage along the course
  4. force majeure i.e. due to occurrence of incidents that are beyond the control of the Organizer and which renders it impossible, unsafe or impractical to hold the event.


  1. If the event is cancelled or terminated, it will not be rescheduled.
  2. All paid fees and donations are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  3. If participants breach the rules, regulations, instructions and arrangements of the Event, the Organizer reserves the right to stop them from racing immediately or refuse their applications for the same event in future.

Additional Regulations for Relay Teams

  1. Participants aged between 12 and 14 on 4 October 2021 can only join Day Course Relay. There must be at least one teammate aged 18 or above for race in each relay section.
  2. The maximum number of relay team members for Day Course is 12 while that for Whole Course is 24. There must be 2-4 team members to compete in each relay section.
  3. Every relay team must at least change ONE team member in at least ONE of the relay points for completing the whole course.
  4. Relay points of Day Course Relay are set at Checkpoint 1 and 3 while those of Whole Course Relay are set at Checkpoint 1, 3, 5, 7 and 8. The assigned team members have to stay at the designated checkpoint for waiting the team members of last relay section.
  5. The arrival time at Finish Point of the last relay group will be recorded as the completion time of that corporate relay team.  (Day Course Relay ends at Shatin Pass / Whole Course Relay ends at Sha Tau Kok) 

The Organizer reserves the rights to amend and interpret all the terms and conditions listed above.

Report on Violation during the Race

If participants find any teams violating the Rules and Regulations during the race, it is highly recommended that they report to the Organizer by the Event Hotline and inform the staff at the nearest checkpoint as soon as possible. It would be better to provide photo(s) for proof.

Judgment and Appeal

The Judgment and Appeal Committee is responsible for handling all complaints, appeals and making judgments for the race. The Committee possesses the right of making all final decisions relating to any regulations, complaints and judgments. Any complaints must be lodged in written form to the Office of Raleigh Hong Kong within one week after the announcement of official results. The Committee will reply to the complaints once decisions are made. Late submission or non-written complaints will not be entertained.