Race Pack and Souvenir

Last Updated: 22/09/2022

Race Pack

Each participant will receive a race pack including the items below:

(All pictures are for reference only.)

1) K’s 3D Sport Mask


2) Number Bib

3) Sponsored Items

$100 Cash Coupon for La Sportiva Trail Running Shoes at Chamonix Alpine Equipment

Drip Coffee Bag with 15% off discount sticker (by Ideaology HK)

Tri-go Engery Gel 2 packs (by Natures Village) (Participants have to collect at the stores of Natures Village)

Porcari Sweat Powder 66g 1 pack

UL.OS Face Sheet 1 pack

Deco Deco Cool Baby 1 pack

$5 Cash Coupon of Salonpas x 2

Race Pack Pick-up Arrangement

(Details will be announced in due course)

Finisher Souvenirs

Participant who completes the course within time limit according to the regulations will be awarded the following souvenirs:

(All pictures are for reference only.)

1) Finisher Medal

2) Finisher Windbreaker

3) E-certificate (TRAILME)

To acknowledge your hard work in the race, an e-certificate will be available for download at TRAILME when the whole virtual race is over. Since the name on your e-certificate will be based on your personal information in TRAILME, please be sure to input the name you would like to have appeared on your certificate correctly.

If you would like to update your name, please log in to TRAILME then go to SETTINGS ⇒ USER SETTINGS. Please make sure to save any changes you make to the settings.