Courses & Categories

Last Updated: 03/10/2022

For Physical & Virtual Race

CourseCategory*Age GroupDistanceTime LimitLocation
Half MarathonMale SoloJunior~21 km8 hoursStart Point:
Tai Tam BBQ Area Site 2

Finish Point:
Tseng Lan Shue
Female SoloJunior
Full MarathonMale SoloJunior~42 km14 hoursStart Point:
Tai Tam BBQ Area Site 2

Finish Point:
Shing Mun Reservoir
Female SoloJunior

* The age as at 15 October 2022 will be taken for this purpose. (Junior=18-39 / Senior=40-75)

For Physical Race Only

CourseCategoryDistance from Start PointLocation
Full MarathonRelay Team**-----Start Point:
Tai Tam BBQ Area Site 2
(by sections)~6.1 kmRelay Point 1:
Hong Kong Parkview
~15.2 kmRelay Point 2:
O King Road
~20.2 kmRelay Point 3:
Tseng Lan Shue
~27.8 kmRelay Point 4:
Shatin Pass
~41.6 kmFinish Point:
Shing Mun Reservoir

** 2-4 members per section; max. 20 members per team


(i) Every participant must use our designated mobile Apps (TRAILME) for recording his/her racing time. 

(ii) Participants for the virtual race can take more than 1 attempt on the route during the period (17 Oct -13 Nov). We will take the verified best result as the completion time for individual ranking.

For Physical Race Only (15 October)

CourseRegistration Time^Start Time
Full Marathon07:00-07:5008:00
Half Marathon08:25-08:5509:00

^Due to anti-pandemic requirements, starts will be staggered. (Details will be announced in due course)

Luggage Storage – Physical Race (15 October)

Each participant of the solo category, if required, can store ONE well-packed luggage at the Start Point. (Max. weight / capacity of luggage : 5kg / 15L)

NO luggage handling arrangement will be provided to Relay Teams.

Luggage Storage Regulations

  1. Restricted Items: Breakable Items, Valuable and Flammable Items
  2. Participants have to prepare own waterproof bags to pack their luggage.
  3. The Organizer is not responsible for any damages or loss during handling, transiting and storage of any luggage.
  4. The Organizer has the right to re-organize luggage storage arrangement during any special situation or adverse weather.
  5. The Organizer may hold participants liable for any damage resulting from any leakage of their luggage or fire caused by the content therein.

Luggage Handling Schedule

CourseStart Point
for storing luggage
Finish Point
for collecting luggage
Full MarathonTai Tam BBQ Area Site 2
Shing Mun Reservoir
Half MarathonTai Tam BBQ Area Site 2
Tseng Lan Shue

* The Organizer may adjust the luggage delivery schedule according to need of the Event.