The Raleigh Challenge – Wilson Trail Virtual Race is a new activity this year for “warm up” and “fun”. 

Participants who have transferred their registration to RCWT 2021 could join this activity during the period 30 Jan – 17 Mar 2021.  After verifying their “Runner’s Profile” account, participants may choose to take part in one of the categories and designated routes on an individual basis.  Finishers will be awarded souvenirs from us.

Route details and time limits are the same as those for the Raleigh Challenge – Wilson Trail (RCWT) 2020, with 2 categories “Challenge Run” and “Leisure Walk” open for choice.  Participants of both categories can choose from courses of ~30, ~53, or ~83 km. Subject to the respective time limit, “Challenge Run” participants need to finish the whole route in one sitting, while “Leisure Walk” participants may finish the race by section(s).


Raleigh Challenge – Wilson Trail Virtual Race
CategoryChallenge Run or Leisure Walk
Distance and Route
~30 km
Route Details
~53 km
Route Details
~83 km
Route Details
Time Limit
11 hours19 hours32 hours
Participants with registration transferred to RCWT 2021
Race Period
30/1/2021 (Sat) to 17/3/2021 (Wed)
*(including verifying “Runner’s Profile” and uploading proof of completion)
Upload Results*
1. GPS data of the completed route
2. Selfie with face clearly seen taken at each designated location

Souvenirs for Finishers**
1. E-Certificate
2. Finisher Medal (engraved with name, category, and race time)
3. Towel or Goretex Cap (either one; subject to availability)
Souvenir Collection Period
Around mid-April to mid-May 2021
(Eligible finishers will be notified by email in due course)

*Please refer to Race Flow below
**Only for those who completed the designated route within the time limit and submitted required proofs within the race period.

Race Flow

1. During the period 30 Jan – 17 Mar 2021, eligible participants can verify their personal “Runner’s Profile”.

2. After successful verification, participant will receive an email with assigned race ID and pre-set password. They will be used for login “Runner’s Profile” to submit proofs of completion.

3. Please upload the relevant race completion results by 17 March 2021, including:

i.  GPS data of the completed route

Participants have to upload their record to Strava, Garmin Connect, Polar or Suunto, set the record as ‘Public’ and submit the sharing hyperlinks to the event website. The record submitted must clearly show the original version of activity date, course, finished distance and finished time.  Any amendments to the record may result in it not being accepted.

ii. Selfie with face clearly seen taken at each designated location


The requirements of the uploaded proof:

4. After verifying the proofs of completion, the Organizer will confirm the result and inform how to collect souvenirs via email.

Important Notes

1.  The virtual race is an individual activity but not an official event.  All registrants participate bearing responsibility for their own acts.

2.  Participants have to complete the designated route.  Before starting the activity, they should read the route data and download GPX files to their mobile phones or watches for navigational purposes.

3.  During the activity, participants have to prepare enough drinks and food, or get supply along the route (Click here for supply location). Recommended items: no less than 2000ml of drinks and appropriate amount of food supplements, a small amount of cash, OCTOPUS and a mobile phone with enough battery.

4.  Participants must stay alert for their own safety during the activity.  Companions will be desirable.  Meanwhile, please stay tuned to the epidemic prevention measures and regulations such as Restriction Order and Mask Order, etc.

5.  After finishing the race, participants have to upload the original GPS data of the completed route.  Any amendments to the record may result in it not being accepted.

6.  Participants must obey the Country Codes. They must not litter or leave unattended fires.

7.  Participants must obey traffic regulations and use crossing facilities properly. 

8. The Organizer reserves the rights to amend and interpret all the terms and conditions listed above.