Rules & Regulations

Last Updated: 21/08/2021

All participants must follow the rules, regulations, instructions and arrangements laid down by the Organizer. Any violation could result in disqualification, rejection to participate in or continue the race, or refusal of future applications. All the Organizer’s rights hereunder are expressly reserved including but not limited to the rights to commence legal proceedings against those who breach the rules, regulations, instructions and arrangements.


  1. Participants MUST be aged 18 or above on 4 October 2021.
  2. Participants must submit application fee and/or required documents on or before the Application Deadline in order to be eligible to compete in the race.
  3. No change of participant will be allowed once the registration is confirmed.  However, if you wish to change your course, you may do so by 30 September with payment of any fee difference.
  4. No refund will be arranged under any circumstances, including where fee is lower for the later registered course.
  5. Participants must install and open an account for TRAILME before the application deadline of RCWT 2021 so as to record their race results.
  6. All participants are required to agree on the disclaimer, personal information collection statement and private policy declaration for joining the event. Please refer to the full version of the disclaimer on the registration page.

Race Information

  1. Participants have to complete the designated route within the time limit specified by the Organizer in order to be eligible for completing the race and to be ranked. Before starting the activity, participants must read the route data and download GPX files to their mobiles phones or watches for navigational purposes.
  2. Apart from traveling between Quarry Bay and Yau Tong by MTR, participants must complete the entire race on foot. Traveling on any form of transportation or subsidiary tool during the race is not allowed.
  3. During the race, participants have to prepare enough drinks and food, or get supply along the route (Click here for supply location). For further details please refer to the Equipment page.
  4. When participants reach the Start Point of their registered course, they must tap “START RUNNING” for recording their race result. TRAILME will automatically record the time when they are racing along the designated route till arriving at the Finish Point. The completion time will be based on TRAILME records and the Organizer reserves the rights of finalizing the results and rankings.
  5. Participants must obey the Country Codes. They must not litter or leave unattended fires. Remove and dispose of masks safely and properly. Do not leave them on the trail.
  6. Participants must obey traffic regulations and use crossing facilities properly.
  7. During the race, participants must stay alert for their own safety at all times. Companions will be recommended, especially for first-time participants. Meanwhile, please stay tuned to the epidemic prevention measures and regulations such as Restriction Order and Mask Order, etc.
  8. The Organizer reserves the rights to amend and interpret all the terms and conditions listed above.

Quit in Midway

  1. If participants would like to withdraw during the race, please tap ‘GIVE UP’ in the top right corner of TRAILME. Also, for safety reasons, any participants who would like to withdraw from the race for any reason must inform the Organizer via WhatsApp or calling the Event Hotline. 


  1. All paid fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  2. If participants breach the rules, regulations, instructions and arrangements of the Event, the Organizer reserves the right to stop them from racing immediately or refuse their applications for the event in future.

Report on Violation during the Race

If participants find any participants violating the Rules and Regulations during the race, it is highly recommended that they report to the Organizer by the Event Hotline as soon as possible. It would be better to provide photo(s) for proof.

Judgment and Appeal

The Judgment and Appeal Committee is responsible for handling all complaints, appeals and making judgments for the race. The Committee possesses the right of making all final decisions relating to any regulations, complaints and judgments. Any complaints must be lodged in written form to the Office of Raleigh Hong Kong within one week after the announcement of official results. The Committee will reply to the complaints once decisions are made. Late submission or non-written complaints will not be entertained.

Liability and Insurance

Each participant is responsible for his/her own health and safety and also the GPS / tracking system. 

We recommend that you and your support crew have your own personal accident cover.

All participants join under their own responsibility. Each participant acknowledges that he/she is responsible for himself/herself and members of his/her support crew.  Running / hiking requires good training and all participants declare that they are healthy and fit enough to do so. By subscribing, you expressly agree that the activity is undertaken under your own responsibility. You expressly agree to release the organization from any and all liability in connection with your athletic activities and you also agree that in no event shall the organization be liable to you or any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with Raleigh Challenge – Wilson Trail.