Relay Team

Last Updated: 14/03/2021

Courses and Categories

Teenagers aged 12 to 14 on 16 October 2021 can apply for Day Course Relay. There must be at least one teammate aged 18 or above for race in each relay section.

( km )
Time Limit
Member Per TeamRelay PointsCourse Details
Challenger -
Whole Course
Corporate Team~ 83323-24Checkpoints
1, 3, 5, 7, 8
Start Point : Tai Tam Reservoir Road, HK

Starting Time:16 October 2021 (9:00)

Finish Point:International College Hong Kong, Sha Tau Kok, NT

Closing Time:17 October 2021 (17:00)
Explorer -
Day Course
Corporate Team~ 30113-12Checkpoints
Start Point : Tai Tam Reservoir Road, HK

Starting Time:16 October 2021 (10:00)

Finish Point:Sha Tin Pass, Tsz Wan Shan (Checkpoint 4)

Closing Time : 16 October 2021 (21:00)


Event Day Registration

Before going to the registration area on the event days, every relay member has to wear his/her own Number Bib (printed with the name of participant) at the front of the body. During registration at Start Point, one of the relay members has to wear Wristband with timing chip before starting the race.  It is necessary to pass the Wristband to relay member of the next section at Relay Point before continuing the race.

Go to the registration counter after gathering relay members at Start Point or Relay Points. The Organizer will:

  1. collect the duly signed Health Declaration and Disclaimer
  2. check the following required equipment (which must be carried along during the race for safety sake of participants):
Team Equipment- Mobile Phone (with enough batteries throughout the race)
- Wristband with timing chip (applicable to Relay Teams only)
Personal Equipment- Number Bib (printed with name of participant)
- Torch or Head Lamp (with enough batteries throughout the race)
- Whistle

Note:  On the event days, every participant must bring along his/her own HKID/ passport or its clear copy for verifying identity upon request of our staff at Start Point / Checkpoints / Finish Point.

Luggage Handling Arrangement

NO luggage handling services will be provided to Relay Teams. They are advised to form their own support team during the race.

Arrive at Checkpoints (CP) (including Checkpoint 4 and Finish Point) and Sub-checkpoints (SCP)

The whole team should gather and register immediately upon arrival, and report to the staff at checkpoints or sub-checkpoints.

Register arrival with timing chip. Please ensure successful recording. (Note: The purpose of setting up the sub-checkpoints is for time recording and to ensure that participants are on the right route. NO food or water will be provided.)

Rules and Regulations

Relay Teams must comply with all Rules and Regulations applicable to other courses and categories. Please also note the following Additional Rules and Regulations:

  1. Day Course Relay participants must be aged 12 or above while Whole Course Relay participants must be aged 15 or above. There must be at least one participant aged 18 or above in each relay team.
  2. The maximum number of relay team members for Day Course is 12 while that for the Whole Course is 24. There must be 2-4 team members to compete in each relay section.
  3. Every relay team must at least change ONE team member in at least ONE of the relay points for completing the whole course.
  4. Relay points of Day Course Relay are set at Checkpoint 1 and 3, while those of Whole Course Relay is set at Checkpoint 1, 3, 5, 7 and 8. The assigned team members have to stay at the designated checkpoint for waiting the team members of the last relay section.
  5. The arrival time at Finish Point of the last relay group will be recorded as the completion time of that corporate relay team.  (Day Course Relay ends at Shatin Pass / Whole Course Relay ends at Sha Tau Kok) 

Registration Details

Relay Team can determine whether it is required to change team members or not in each relay point. However, every team must at least change ONE team member in ONE designated relay point during the race.

Please visit Q&A for transportation details.

 Registration VenueGrid ReferenceWhole Course
Registration Time
Day Course
Registration Time
Start PointTai Tam Reservoir BBQ Site No.2
(Near H.K. Parkview)
KK117 64116 October 2021
(08:00 – 08:45)
16 October 2021
(09:00 - 09:45)
Checkpoint 1
(Relay Point 1)
H.K. Parkview
(Wilson Trail Section 2 Entrance)
KK112 64016 October 2021
(09:00 - 12:00)
16 October 2021
(10:00 - 12:45)
Checkpoint 3
(Relay Point 2)
Tseng Lan Shue
KK155 72416 October 2021
(11:30 - 17:30)
16 October 2021
(11:30 - 18:00)
Checkpoint 5
(Relay Point 3)
Tai Po Road
(Wilson Trail Section 6 Entrance)
KK073 74816 October 2021
(13:45 - 22:45)
Checkpoint 7
(Relay Point 4)
Yuen Tun Ha
(Shelter Pavilion)
KK079 83016 October 2021 (15:30)
17 October 2021 (05:15)
Checkpoint 8
(Relay Point 5)
Hok Tau Reservoir No.6 BBQ SiteKK091 91116 October 2021 (17:00)
17 October 2021 (10:00)


  1. Relay Teams should estimate the arrival time of their team members and reach the Relay Point Registration Area at least half an hour in advance for registration.
  2. All racing relay teammates must reach and gather for reporting to the staff at each checkpoint before its closing time.
  3. Register arrival with timing chip. Please ensure successful recording.
  4. The relay teammates who have just finished the previous relay section have to take an arrival photo according to the instructions of the staff.
  5. In the waiting area, team captain of the finished racing group has to hand over the timing chip to their next relay team captain who can then start the race with the teammates.