Race Record till 7th November 2021

Published on: 29/10/2021

After the adverse weather in the last week caused by typical cyclones Lion Rock and Kompasu, we have received reports of damage / blockage along the event trail.  While we will continue to provide update about the trail to our participants as soon as possible, we would like to remind you (and your friends) to stay vigilant to the situation along the trail as damages to it may take time to transpire.  

The Event will officially end on 31 October 2021.  In light of the situation mentioned above, the Organizer has actively considered measures which may enable our participants to undertake the challenge in a safer situation.  In this regard, participants who deem the situation not yet suitable for their participation in the Event may still use TrailMe App to get their result recognized by us if the designated route is completed before 7 November 2021.   The status of recognized result will be conferred on discretionary basis and subject to compliance with the other requirements of the Event.

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