Last Updated: 19/08/2022

Food & Beverage

Q: What kinds of supplies will be available along the route?

A: During the physical race (15 Oct), the Organizer will only provide water and/or sports drink at Start/Finish Points and Checkpoints due to the restrictions of anti-pandemic measures. They may also get supply along the route (click here for specific location).
A: During the virtual race (17 Oct – 13 Nov), participants are strongly recommended to prepare enough food and drinks. They may also get supply along the route (click here for specific location).


Q: Is there a designated route around the city region (i.e. Quarry Bay & Yau Tong & Tai Wo)?
A: Since there are no trackers from TRAILME in the city region, there are no designated routes around the city area. 

Q: What are the exact locations of Start Point and Finish Point of each course?

A: All courses will start at Tai Tam Barbecue Area No.2 (click here). For 42km course, it will end at Shing Mun Reservoir Main Dam (click here). For 21km course, it will end at Tseng Lan Shue Tsuen (click here).

LocationGrid ReferenceTransportation MeansRemarksPhotos
Start Point - Tai Tam Barbecue Area Site 2KK117641Method 1:
Take bus (1M, 5, 6, 41A, 63, 66, 76) to Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park and then walk along the Tai Tam Reservoir for around 1.1 km

Method 2:
Take taxi to the gate of HK Parkview and then walk along for around 450 meters
Public toilet is opposite to the Start Point
Finish Point of Half Marathon - Tseng Lan ShueKK155724Mini Bus:
1, 1A, 1S, 11, 11B, 11S, 12, 104

91, 91M, 91P, 92, 92R, 96R
Public toilet is opposite to Clear Water Bay Road
Finish Point of Full Marathon - Shing Mun Reservoir Main DamKK063775Walk around 1.6 km to Pineapple Dam and then take mini bus (82) to townMini bus no. 82 route details: Please click here

Q: Will we encounter any dogs along the route?
A: Yes. Please be careful when you pass by villages close to Tseng Lan Shue.


Q: Is it possible to use a mobile phone as a torch or headlamp instead?
A: For personal safety, we strongly recommended every participant to bring a torch or headlamp. During the race, participants have to turn on mobile app TRAILME which requires enough power for recording their racing time. 

Q: Why is whistle a required personal equipment?
A: It is for the safety sake of participants who can use it for letting others know their location when necessary. Same as for torch or headlamp, every participant is recommended to bring a whistle along during the race.


Q: It is my first time using TRAILME. How do I register for an account?
A: For further guidelines regarding the use of TRAILME please click here.