Last Updated: 13/07/2021

Food & Beverage

Q: Could participants buy food or drinks from stores along the route?
A: Yes, participants can buy food or drinks along the route.

Q: Could participants eat at restaurants en route from Quarry Bay to Yau Tong?
A: Yes, participants can eat at restaurants along the route. Please note that all participants must arrive all checkpoints before the closing time.

Supporting Team

Q: Which checkpoints can accommodate supporting teams?
A: Participants can arrange supporting teams at any checkpoints, but they have to arrange transportation and parking facilities by their own. Also, please note that Start Point and Checkpoint 6 locate inside restricted area managed by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD). Cars without permit from AFCD are not allowed to enter the restricted area.

Q: Could participants receive support at places other than checkpoints?
A: Yes, participants can arrange it for themselves.

Q: How to get to the checkpoints?

LocationGrid ReferenceTransportation MeansRemarks
Start Point -
Tai Tam Reservoir BBQ Site No.2 (near H.K. Parkview)
KK117641 Take the buses or minibuses that pass Wong Nai Chung Gap. Get off at Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park (Sinopec gas station), get upstairs and walk for about 20 minutes to the Start Point (opposite to the toilet).

Citybus 6, 41A, 76
New World First Bus 63, 66
Minibus 5
Vehicle entry is restricted.
Checkpoint 1 -
H.K. Parkview (Wilson Trail Section 2 Entrance)
KK112640 Take the buses or minibuses that pass Wong Nai Chung Gap. Get off at Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park (Shell Gas station), get upstairs and walk for about 15 minutes to the Checkpoint 1.

Citybus 6, 41A, 76
New World First Bus 63, 66
Minibuses 5
Very limited public parking space (only 6 parking lots available).
Sub-Checkpoint 1 -
Devil’s Peak
KK157681 Take the MTR to Yau Tong Station. Leave at Exit A2, walk along Cha Kwo Ling Road and turn to Ko Chiu Road. Walk along Ko Chiu Road until the second roundabout with signage showing direction to Chinese Permanent Cemetery. SCP1 is on the left of the roundabout and near the entrance of Lingnan Temple (or "Lingnan Tample" as shown in Google map).Vehicle entry is restricted from 0530 to 2000.
Checkpoint 2 -
Yau Tong O King Road
KK161688Take the buses or minibuses that stop at Kwong Tin Estate Bus Terminus. Get off at the terminus and walk along Pik Wan Road in about 5 minutes. Turn left at O King Road and walk uphill along the road for about 10 minutes. Walk upstairs on the left side for 2 minutes to a pavilion.

Kowloon Motor Bus 14B, 15X, 16, 215P, 215X, 216M
Minibus 24, 24M, 62S, 63, 76A
Vehicle entry is restricted on O King Road.
Checkpoint 3 -
Tseng Lan Shue (Pavilion)
KK155724 Take the buses or minibuses that pass Clear Water Bay Road. Get off at Tseng Lan Shue, walk into the village until a pavilion can be seen.

Kowloon Motor Bus 91, 91M, 92
Minibus 104, 1A
Vehicle entry is not restricted. Limited parking space.
Checkpoint 4 -
Tsz Wan Shan Shatin Pass
KK116748 Get to the checkpoint by:
1) No. NR806 Shuttle Minibus from Ying Fung Lane, Wong Tai Sin to Kwun Yam Garden; or
2) No. 18 or 18M Minibus from Exit A, Wong Tai Sin MTR Station, get off at Fat Chong Temple in Tsz Wan Shan and walk along the Shatin Pass Road for about 30 minutes.
Vehicle entry is not restricted. Narrow ONE WAY road for vehicles after Fat Jong Temple.
Checkpoint 5 -
Tai Po Road (Wilson Trail Section 6 Entrance)
KK073748Take the buses or minibuses that pass Tai Po Road, Kowloon Reservoir. Get off at the Kowloon Reservoir bus stop and walk along Tai Po Road in about 10 minutes to the Checkpoint 5.

Kowloon Motor Bus 72, 81
32 parking spaces are available at the nearby car park.
Checkpoint 6 -
Shing Mun Reservoir
KK063775 Take the MTR to Tsuen Wan Station. Then, take Minibus 94s from Tsuen Wan MTR Minibus Terminus or Minibus 82 from Shui Wo Street. Get off at Shing Mun Reservoir Terminus. Walk along Shing Mun Road for 15 minutes to arrive at Shing Mun main dam.

Minibus 82, 94k
No restriction for vehicle entry on Shing Mun Road (depends on traffic situation). Limited parking space outside the gate.
Checkpoint 7 -
Yuen Tun Ha (Shelter Pavilion)
KK079830 Take Minibus 23K besides Exit A, Tai Po Market MTR Station. Get off at San Uk Ka Terminus and walk along the Wilson Trail Section 7 for about 10 minutes.

Minibus 23K
Narrow ONE WAY road for vehicles.
Checkpoint 8 -
Hok Tau Reservoir BBQ Site No. 6
KK091911Take Minibus 52B besides Exit C, Fanling MTR Station. Get off at Hok Tau Reservoir and walk along the Hok Tau Road for about 3 minutes.

Minibus 52B
24 parking spaces are available at the BBQ site.
Sub-Checkpoint 2 -
Hsien Ku Fung
KK154891 Take the bus or minibus at Tai Po Market MTR Station. Get off at Shuen Wan Country Park, walk uphill along the Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail to the Hsien Ku Fung.

Kowloon Motor Bus 275R
Minibus 20R
Bus 275R is only available on Sundays.
Finish Point -
Sha Tau Kok
KK 131949Take bus 78K at Fanling MTR Station. Get off at Sha Tau Kok Clinic, cross the road to the finish point school.

Kowloon Motor Bus 78K
Be aware of many lorry drive through and lack of parking space. Car entry is not recommended.

Event Route

Q: What if participants need to use the toilet halfway?
A: Public toilets are available at most of the checkpoints. For CP5 and Finish Point, mobile toilets will be provided by the Organizer on the event days.

Q: Does the route pass through Twins Peak?
A: No, Twins Peak is in Section 1 of original Wilson Trail, but not on the event route.


Q: If participants have a support team at Quarry Bay MTR, is it fine not to bring the torch or head lamp at Start Point?
A: No, torch or head lamp is required equipment for all teams and they must show the equipment during registration at Start Point and bring along the equipment throughout the race for the sake of their safety.

Q: Is torch or head lamp required for Day Course?
A: Yes, the equipment is required for safety purpose so participants can use it anytime along the trail or in case participants do not complete the Day Course before night.

Q: Will we encounter any dogs along the route?
A: Yes. Please be careful when you pass by villages close to CP3, near Fan Sin Temple from CP7 to CP8 and pass by villages close to CP8. We will inform the related government departments regarding the existence of the stray dogs before event days.

Q: Why is whistle a required personal equipment?
A: It is for safety sake of participants who can use it for letting others know their location when necessary. Same as for torch or headlamp, every participant must show the whistle during registration at Start Point and bring it along during the race.

Q: Is it possible to use mobile phone as torch or headlamp?
A: Yes if it is with torch function. Participants must ensure that there is enough battery for use throughout the race.

Q: What do participants usually store in their luggage?
A: Needs vary among teams. Some teams will put their spare clothes for changing or supplementary food in the luggage.

Q: How many pieces of luggage can a team store?
A: One well-packed piece of luggage, subject to restrictions of weight and volume set by the Organizer.

Transportation at Finish Point

Q: How can we leave from Finish Point (Sha Tau Kok International College Hong Kong)?
A: Please click here for information.


Q: Do participants need Octopus Card for MTR?
A: Either Octopus Card or coins are fine.