Route Information

  1. The Event route covers most parts of the Wilson Trail and comprises 9 sections at a total distance of around 83 km. There are Checkpoints (CP) at the end of each section for recording the arrival time of each team, and providing refreshment. There are also Sub-Checkpoints (SCP) at selected locations for time recording and avoiding participants losing their way. Please be reminded that food and water are not available at SCP. (Note: Part of the Event route are not the same as that of the original Wilson Trail.)
  2. Distance posts are located along the Wilson Trail approximately each 500 metres. There is a number (such as W004, W represents Wilson Trail) and a Grid Reference printed on every distance post. Participants should pay attention to the number on these posts during practice and competition. In case of emergency, the number and Grid Reference may help the Organizer to locate your position efficiently.

Event Route Map

The reverse route of Tornado 160 does not include the section along Violet Hill. After reaching Hong Kong Parkview, participants need to take Tai Tam Reservoir Road to run directly to Finish Point.

Whole Course, Day Course and Night Course

Round Trip Course

Checkpoints - Map Notes & GPS Data with attitude

Event Route Altitude Map

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Section 1

SP - CP1

GPS Data (GPX)

Section 2 (1)

CP1 - Quarry Bay MTR Station

GPS Data (GPX)

Section 2 (2)

Yau Tong MTR Station - CP2

GPS Data (GPX)

Section 3

CP2 - CP3

GPS Data (GPX)

Section 4

CP3 - CP4

GPS Data (GPX)

Section 5

CP4 - CP5

GPS Data (GPX)

Section 6

CP5 - CP6

GPS Data (GPX)

Section 7

CP6 - CP7

GPS Data (GPX)

Section 8

CP7 - CP8

GPS Data (GPX)

Section 9 (1)

CP8 - SCP2

GPS Data (GPX)

Section 9 (2)


GPS Data (GPX)

SP - CP4

Whole Route (Day Course)

GPS Data (GPX)

CP4 - FP

Whole Route (Night Course)

GPS Data (GPX)


Whole Route (Whole Course)

GPS Data (GPX)


Forward Route (Round Trip Course)

GPS Data (GPX)

TP - 160FP

Reverse Route (Round Trip Course)

GPS Data (GPX)

SP - 160FP

Whole Route (Round Trip Course)

GPS Data (GPX)

Checkpoints – How to get there

Please refer to FAQ page.

Checkpoints - Food and Drinks


Bread and Fruit, etc.

Sports Drinks


Hot Food or Drinks














Please refer to the F&B Table for details.

The information is applicable to participants of all courses.

For Night Course participants, only water will be provided at CP4 (SP of Night Course).

NO food and only water will be provided at CP5.
NO food or water will be provided at SCP1 and SCP2.

For environmental purpose, NO containers and cutlery will be provided by the Organizer. Participants MUST bring their own.