Required Equipment

(MUST show to staff for checking during registration on Event Day)

Team Equipment
Personal Equipment

Mobile Phone
(with enough batteries throughout the race)

Torch or Head Lamp (with enough batteries throughout the race)

In case of getting injury from accident, participants are required to fill in the incident report form on the back of number bib for rescue team's reference. Every participant please carries a pen during the race.

For the sake of participants' safety, the required equipment must be operative throughout the race and shown to staff for checking upon request. The Organizer has the discretion to request participants without the required equipment to drop out.

In addition to the required equipments, participants are suggested to bring the following items:

  • Small amount of money
  • Another mobile phone with abundant batteries
  • Medicine for personal needs (stomach tablets, painkillers, deep heating, massage cream, etc.)
  • Hygiene necessities (towels, tissues, etc.)
  • Wilson Trail map
  • Compass
  • Water Bottle (The Organizer will provide water at Start Point and all checkpoints. Please fill in your bottle with enough water for use along the route.)
  • Personal Cup (To avoid wastage of plastic cups, you are encouraged to bring your cup along to enjoy hot drinks provided at designated checkpoints.)
  • High-energy food
  • Torch or head lamp with batteries and fluorescent stick
  • Knee and ankle support (help avoid muscle, tendon or joints injuries)
  • Hiking stick (especially useful for long-distance hike)
  • Jacket (It is windy on the uphill path at night.)
  • Spare clothes (for change when you get wet)
  • T-shirts (long sleeves are preferred)
  • Trousers (to provide a better protection than shorts)
  • Socks (2 pairs: wear a thicker one over thinner one to prevent abrasion between your feet and shoes)
  • Hiking shoes/ boots
  • Shoe pads
  • Rainproof equipment
  • First-aid Kit
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun protection items (sunblock, cap, sunglass etc.)
  • Camera
  • Radio (for weather report)
  • Vaseline

Participants are encouraged to pay attention to the following matters:

  1. Plan ahead for team equipment. Share and take turn to carry among members.
  2. Cut the toenails 1 week before the race to avoid getting hurt when hiking downhill.