Raleigh Hong Kong

Our Vision

Founded by the HRH Prince Charles in 1984 and headquartered in UK, Raleigh Hong Kong (RHK) is a local registered youth charity committed to inspiring Hong Kong youth to explore their full potential through participating in worldwide and local community services, environmental conservation programs, scientific research and adventurous projects. Raleigh has completed more than 250 service projects in over 40 countries, and inspired more than 40,000 volunteers from all walks of life and nationalities were inspired to join. In 2013, Raleigh’s sustainable development projects are beneficial to over 100,000 people around the world. Our selected members – the Venturers, by GETTING OUT THERE for 5 to 10 weeks expedition in remote areas in Tanzania, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Malaysia (Borneo) and Nepal, will work with people of different races and cultures, stretch their limits, build up self-confidence, and contribute to the world by actions.

Our Values


Raleigh Challenge - Wilson Trail

The Raleigh Challenge - Wilson Trail (RCWT) was first launched as an internal event in 2000 with the aim to raise funds for Raleigh Hong Kong. Due to the good response from the participants, the event has been open to the public since 2003. The theme of the competition this year is "You Walk the Trail. Youth Change the World" which means each of your step on Wilson Trail will contribute to supporting more youth in serving the worldwide community!

Fundraising Objectives

The donation raised in the RCWT will be used to support the overseas and local youth development projects organized by Raleigh Hong Kong.

Local Voluntary Services

Coordinate and participate in social services such as Reef Check organized by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Crossroads Foundation Donation & Recycling project, and YWCA Tung Chung Run. Also organize adventure weekends for youth of non-profit organizations and secondary schools.

Overseas Voluntary Services

Venturers from Hong Kong will take part in 4 to 10 weeks overseas voluntary services and adventure projects. Through completing sustainable projects in remote areas with participants from different countries, races and backgrounds under limited resources and time, the venturers have the opportunities to explore the world as well as themselves.

Regions served include:

  • Tanzania, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Nepal, etc

Projects include:

  • Community
  • Environmental Conservation & Scientific Researches
  • Adventure