Fee and Donation

Use of Donation

The fund raised in Raleigh Challenge - Wilson Trail will be used in the following ways:

Local Voluntary Services

Coordinate and participate in local social services such as Reef Check organized by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Crossroads Foundation Donation & Recycling project, and YMCA Tung Chung Run. Also organize adventure weekends for youth of non-profit organizations and secondary schools.

Overseas Voluntary Services

Venturers from Hong Kong will take part in 5 to 10 weeks overseas voluntary services and adventure. Through completing sustainable projects in remote areas with participants from different countries, races and backgrounds under limited resources and time, the venturers have the opportunities to explore the world as well as themselves.

Servicing regions include:

  1. Tanzania, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Malaysia (Borneo) and Nepal, etc

Projects include:

  1. Community
  2. Environmental Conservation & Scientific Researches
  3. Adventure

Application Fee

Go green and save HK$80 of application fee if select not to have tee shirt in online application.

Special Offer for Student Team of Local School

All application fees will be waived if the whole team is formed by full-time students aged 15-24 on 13 October 2018, saving up to max. $400 per head. Student teams still have to raise fund to meet the minimum donation requirement of their respective categories.

Non-Relay Team



(With T-shirt)

(No T-shirt)

Challenger- Whole Course

(Per head)

(Per head)

Explorer- Day Course

(Per head)

(Per head)

Adventurer- Night Course


Relay Team



(With T-shirt)

(No T-shirt)

Whole Course(~80km)

(Per head)

(Per head)

Day Course(~30km)


Minimum Donation

Regular Team

HK$800 per Team Member

Corporate Team (relay / non-relay)

HK$8,000 per Team

Outstanding Fundraising Award & Corporate Charity Cup

For details, please visit Awards page.