Online Application

last updated: 27/05/2019



  1. Before submitting an application, please ensure reading through the information in the Event website, particularly "Important Notes" in "Application Details" and "Rules and Regulations".
  2. Once applications are submitted, it represents the applicants confirm and agree to accept all of the rules, terms, and arrangement made and subsequently raised for the Event. Otherwise, the Organizer has the right to refuse their entry or end their progress at any time on the Event days.
  3. The Organizer has the final discretion in making and adjusting the arrangement for the Event in due course.
  4. The Organizer reserves the ultimate rights to amend and interpret all the terms and conditions.
  5. Please ensure the names of participants are correctly filled in the online registration as they will be used for printing on the certificates after the Event.
  6. Please ensure the correct and frequently used e-mail addresses are provided in the online application for receiving information from the Organizer.
  7. Please use computer for online application:

 (If participants encounter any technical challenges in using the system, please email to:

Every team member has to register for own personal account in the system (if not yet done before) and then let one of the teammates submit online team application with the registered email addresses of other members.  It is necessary to submit the required items for application via online system.  Please get the following items ready before starting the application procedures:

1. Payment receipt(s) of application fee and minimum donation for whole team (if don't use PayPal for payment)

2. Result link to performance in other hiking events (for Tornado 160 and Whole Course Elite only)