News Updates

RCWT2018 - Dates for Collecting Finisher Medals (26-27 Oct)

For details, please refer to email dated 22 Oct.

RCWT2018 - Online Race Certificate

Please click here to guidelines for download.

RCWT2018 - Online Donation Form

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RCWT2018 - Event Rerouting Notice

Please note email dated 10 Oct.

RCWT2018 - Route Change From Start Point To Finisih Point Sheung Shui

After multiple route inspection and clearance, as well as communications with AFCD, the event route from Start Point (Tai Tam Reservoir BBQ no.2) to Checkpoint 6 (Shing Mun Reservoir) will be changed as indicated below. While the route beyond is yet to be confirmed. Complete route will be released as soon as possible.

● Start Point (Tai Tam Reservoir Road) ~ Checkpoint 3 (Tseng Lan Shue): Remains unchanged

● Checkpoint 3 (Tseng Lan Shue) ~ Checkpoint 4 (Sha Tin Pass): Change to Fei Ngo Shan Road and join Wilson Trail Section 4 at Tate's Pass (Sai Kung Ancient Trail and Tung Yeung Shan is CLOSED)(map)

● Checkpoint 4 (Sha Tin Pass) ~ Checkpoint 5 (Tai Po Road): change to Maclehose Trail and join Wilson Trail Section 5 at Tai Po Road(map)

● Checkpoint 5 (Tai Po Road) ~ Checkpoint 6 (Shing Mun Reservoir): Remains unchanged

● Checkpoint 6 (Shing Mun Reservoir) ~ Checkpoint 7 (Yuen Tung Ha): Change to Maclehose Trail Session 7, go from Shing Mun Reservoir to Lead Mine Pass via Needle Hill and Grassy Hill, join Wilson Trail at Lead Mine Pass and go down to Yuen Tung Ha (map)

● Checkpoint 7 (Yuen Tung Ha) ~ Checkpoint 8 (Hok Tau Reservoir No.6 BBQ Site): Change to exit from the top of Cloudy Hill, turn East to Sha Lo Tung, turn North to Hok Tau Reservoir, walk along Hok Tau Road to Hok Tau Reservoir Barbecue Area Site No.6 (map)

● Checkpoint 8 (Hok Tau Reservoir No.6 BBQ Site) ~ Sub-checkpoint 2 (Ping Che Road and Tsung Shan Junction) ~ Finish Point (Sheung Shui reservoir No.6 BBQ Site) : Change to connect C2105 at Hok Tau Country Trail, leave Country Parks' boundaries at Tan Chuk Hang, take Ping Che Road towards Tsung Shan, pass Matouling, High Hill, Sheung Shui Wan Shan and Cham Shan head to Sheung Shui (map)

RCWT2018 - Race Kit Pick-up Dates (28 - 30 Sep)

For details, please refer to email dated 17 Sep.

RCWT2018 Event Days

13 - 14 October 2018

RCWT2018 as A Qualifying Race

RCWT2018 is one of the qualifying races for "The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc". Points for all courses (except relay teams) are as follows:



Challenger – Whole Course


Adventurer - Night Course


Explorer - Day Course