Important Dates

last updated: 10/05/2018

6 June 2018 (Wed) Application Starts
15 August 2018 (Wed) Application Deadline* (First-come, first-served)
10 September 2018 (Mon) Team Details Amendment Deadline
13-14 October 2018 (Sat-Sun) Event Days
12 November 2018 (Mon) Deadline for Settling the Donation for Outstanding Fundraising Award

*Teams submitted online application with all application fee and minimum donation on or before 15 August 2018 (Wed) are considered as completion of the application procedures. For payment receipt, it is required to submit via online registration system.

If application is completed after quota is full or 15 August 2018 (Wed), it will be placed on waiting list (based on the date that the Organizer received the required items for application).